Machine Head share details for new album “Øf Kingdøm And Crøwn”, debut “Chøke Øn The Ashes Øf Yøur Hate” music video

Author Jad - 12.4.2022

Bay Area thrash act Machine Head have set “Øf Kingdøm And Crøwn” as the title to their tenth full-length album. That outing is headed for an August 26th release via Nuclear Blast and the band’s own Imperium Recordings. A music video for the new single, “Chøke Øn The Ashes Øf Yøur Hate” has premiered online ahead of that and is available for viewing below:

A 13-song concept album, “Øf Kingdøm And Crøwn” explores ‘a decimated futuristic wasteland where the sky is stained crimson red,’ according to an official press release. That same press release reveals that story centers around two characters:

Ares: (pronounced Aries): our main, who loses the love of his life (Amethyst) and goes on a murderous rampage against the vile sect responsibly for her murder.

Eros (pronounced Arrows): the perpetrator, who loses his mother to a drug overdose and becomes radicalized in the aftermath. Eros goes off the deep end manifesting his own killing spree.’

Machine Head

Thanks to my 2 teenage boys my family has become obsessed with this awesome Japanese anime series called Attack On Titan. The album’s concept was loosely inspired by the series in the senses that in the storyline, there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ guy, both characters believe they’re doing the right thing as it applies to their being, but make no mistake, both are committing acts of pure atrocity and evil. The opening track “Slaughter The Martyr” is basically our character #1’s origin story.

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn

In addition to Flynn and bassist/vocalist Jared MacEachern, current Machine Head guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka (of Decapitated) was involved in the studio sessions for this outing. While Matt Alston holds the drumming position in the band’s touring lineup, Entheos/ex-Animals As Leaders drummer Navene Koperweis took on the percussion duties for the record in the studio.

“Øf Kingdøm And Crøwn” track listing:

01 – “Slaughter The Martyr”
02 – “Chøke Øn The Ashes Øf Yøur Hate”
03 – “Becøme The Firestørm”
04 – “Øverdøse”
05 – “My Hands Are Empty”
06 – “Unhalløwed”
07 – “Assimilate”
08 – “Kill Thy Enemies”
09 – “Nø Gøds, Nø Masters”
10 – “Bløødshøt”
11 – “Røtten”
12 – “Terminus”
13 – “Arrøws In Wørds Frøm The Sky”

Select editions of the album will feature the bonus tracks “Exterøceptiøn” and an acoustic performance of “Arrøws In Wørds Frøm The Sky“. Pre-orders are available here.