Machine Gun Kelly, who slandered Slipknot, was pelted with bottles and branches at the Aftershock Festival

Author Samuel Järvinen - 14.10.2021

Machine Gun Kelly, who moved from rap music to borrowing from pop punk, faced the wrath of the metal world after slandering Slipknot at his concert.

Soon after his comments, MGK was the target of the wrath of angry Slipknot fans, as a crowd of people booed and gave him the middle finger at the Louder Than Life festival.

Now, the Aftershock festival saw more protests as a crowd of people threw bottles and branches at the rapper, accompanied by boos. MGK himself has claimed on social media that the media and people are lying and that his shows have only seen tens of thousands of fans.

Video footage of MGK’s Aftershock performance can be seen below.