Lovebites’ world tour will reach Europe in summer

Author Benedetta Baldin - 7.3.2024

Lovebites has announced its first world tour will take place in 2024, entitled “THE THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE”.

The tour includes the band’s previously announced appearances in June at Spain’s Rock Imperium Festival and Resurrection Fest, main stage of France’s Hellfest, and ProgPower USA in September. It will also include the band’s biggest solo show ever, taking place on 1 September at Tokyo Garden Theater. Further cities and countries are expected to be added to the poster’s “AND MORE” section shortly.

For more details of Tokyo Garden Theater show.

Lovebites has left a comment in anticipation for the first world tour:

2023 was the ‘Year of Resurrection’ for LOVEBITES, and we will follow it with our first world tour. The title of the tour is ‘THE THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE’, which has the same meaning as the Japanese idiom ‘Ai to nikushimi wa kami hitoe’. We understand that in the world of heavy metal, where most bands consist of men dressed in black, LOVEBITES, an all-female band dressed in white, is even more of an outlier in the scene, and that some people may not respect us. That is why we want those who have shunned us in the past to see us on stage and enjoy our performance during this world tour. The proverb from which the tour title is taken from originally meant that love can easily turn to hate, but we purposefully took this as a paradox and selected it for the title.

We are currently working day and night on new material, with a new release planned by the end of 2024. As such, our only full-set show in Japan this year will be at Tokyo Garden Theater on 1 September, and for that reason we want to make the show even more unforgettable than usual.

Advanced ticket registration for the solo show at Tokyo Garden Theater will be made available to members of the band’s official fanclub “LOVEBITES INC.” from January 6.

June 14 New Cross Inn – UK
June 15 Zik Zak – Belgium
June 19 Legend Club – Italy
June 22: Spain – Rock Imperium Festival
June 26-29: Spain – Resurrection Fest
June 28: France – Hellfest
June 29-July 6 Roskilde Festival – Denmark
September 1: Japan – Tokyo Garden Theater
September 6: United States – ProgPower USA

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.