Lordi’s long-time guitar player Amen leaves the band: “My heart has never been as heavy as it is today”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 6.5.2022

Jussi “Amen” Sydänmaa, long-time guitarist and original member of the Finnish monster metal band Lordi, has announced on Facebook that he is leaving the band.

Along with Mr. Lordi, Tomi Putaansuu, Sydänmaa was the only original member of the band.

Amen writes:

“My beloved friends, fans and supporters.My heart has never been as heavy as it is today. Never.Today is the day that I have to tell you that my guitar has became silent in Lordi. I never thought I’d write these lines, but life happens and people change.Half of my life time I gave all for my dream to be a Rock’n’Roll star. From a tiny village in Finland I got to travel the world and play for you. I made my dream come true! And it wouldn’t have been possible without the support from all you amazing and crazy people. We shared so many amazing memories, all those live shows, your smiling faces in the crowd, hands on my shoulders, the gifts you gave me, the stories you told me. I will cherish those forever. And I can’t thank you enough, for all that you’ve been giving me. All the love, the support, all of it.”

Amen does not reveal the reason for his departure. You can read the entire post below.