Lordi opens up about the inspiration behind new “Screem Writers Guild” -albums costumes: “I have taken inspiration from horror castles to my outfit”

Author Arto Mäenpää - 30.3.2023

Iconic Finnish hard rock monster outfit Lordi will be releasing their 18th studio album entitled “Screem Writers Guild” through Atomic Fire Records on March 31st. The albums title, “Screen Writers Guild,” is referred to an association of screenwriters in Hollywood (’20s to ’50s), yet there is no doubt that Lordi‘s musical version is much louder and fiercer. “The record itself isn’t a real concept album, but it obviously plays with the overall cinematic theme,” says Mr. Lordi.

The visual aspects have always been hugely important for Lordi so we recently sat down with Mr. Lordi in Helsinki, Finland and talked about what has been the inspiration behind each members renewed costume for the “Screem Writer’s Guild” album. You can check out the interview where Lordi explains his inspiration for the costumes below:

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You can check out the singles released from Lordi‘s upcoming “Screem Writers Guild” album so far below: