Lord Of The Lost’s album “Swan Songs” 10th Anniversary Edition to be released in February

Author Benedetta Baldin - 8.1.2024

The re-release of Lord Of The Lost‘s cherished album “Swan Songs” is now available for pre-order HERE and officially releasing on February 16. This momentous edition marks the first time Swan Songs” is presented on vinyl, offering fans a unique immersion into the band’s acclaimed work. 

Originally a standout in Lord Of The Lost‘s versatile discography, “Swan Songs” showcases a symphonic and orchestral interpretation of their iconic gothic, metal, and rock fusion. The 10th Anniversary Edition of “Swan Songs” is a testament to the band’s musical versatility, featuring reimagined versions of their songs. These songs, now set against a backdrop of classical and symphonic arrangements, including strings and piano, offer a new emotive depth to their already powerful music. The limited 3LP edition is an essential collector’s item, reflecting the band’s dedication to their art and their fans.

“Swan Songs” 10th Anniversary Edition is available in two formats: a 2CD edition and a 3LP black vinyl edition. Both offer a rich auditory experience, with the vinyl edition being a unique and valuable addition to any fan’s collection. Pre-orders are open now, with the promise of a nostalgic yet fresh journey through the band’s creative landscape. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of Lord Of The Lost history! Prepare to be enveloped in the hauntingly beautiful world of “Swan Songs” on vinyl. Since its inception in 2007 by Chris Harms in Hamburg, Germany, Lord Of The Lost has captivated audiences with their theatrical performances and profound, story-rich lyrics. This re-release is not just a nod to their past but a celebration of their evolutionary journey in music. 

2CD Edition:
CD 1
1. Six Feet Underground  
2. Dry The Rain 
3. Beyond Beautiful   
4. See You Soon 
5. Go To Hell  
6. Antagony  
7. Love In A Time Of War  
8. October 29   
9. Prison  

1. Till Death Us Do Part
2. Afterlife  
3. Sober        
4. Credo  
5. Porcelain
6. Lost In A Heartbeat
7. Annabel Lee
8. So Good It Hurts
9. This Life Divided
10. The Sands Of Time
11. If Johnny Cash Was Here
12. Somewhere 

3LP Edition:
A1 Six Feet Underground
A2 Dry The Rain
A3 Beyond Beautiful
B1 See You Soon
B2 Go To Hell
B3 Antagony

C1 Love In A Time Of War
C2 October 29
C3 Prison
D1 Till Death Us Do Part
D2 Afterlife
D3 Sober
D4 Credo

E1 Porcelain
E2 Lost In A Heartbeat
E3 Annabel Lee
E4 So Good It Hurts
F1 This Life Divided
F2 The Sands Of Time
F3 If Johnny Cash Was Here
F4 Somewhere