King Diamond will release an album before Mercyful Fate

Author Flavia Andrade - 11.8.2022

Danish legendary heavy metal master King Diamond has been working on his new album for a while now. He has told Creem in a recent interview that his album will be out before Mercyful Fate‘s.

In King Diamond‘s words:

“We’re working on it. Brian Slagel at Metal Blade said he wants the King Diamond album to be released first. We’re not going to change things just because everything has been postponed, and now it’s Mercy playing live. Andy [LaRocque] sent me eight songs of his for the King Diamond album, but that’s maybe enough for his share for two albums. The story will be over two albums.”

King Diamond debuted his latest song, “Masquerate of Madness” in 2019’s Hellfest. Whereas plans are still in place for his upcoming release to be a double album set in a 1930s mental institution, that song won’t be in the track list.

“It’s going to be totally asylum 1930s, the pioneering of experimenting with human beings, medically, and all this sick shit like that. We want to do some stuff onstage… I don’t want to say it now because it has to be a surprise. But it’s going to be very horror. When this is done with Mercy here, we will focus 150% on King Diamond, getting it all done and recorded.”