Judas Priest’s Rob Halford comments on recent Spotify controversy – wants to keep politics and music separate

Author Samuel Järvinen - 7.2.2022

Streaming giant Spotify has long been criticised for paying artists and bands only small crumbs for streaming. CEO Daniel Ek has also attracted criticism for his comments about how bands cannot expect to live up to the old model of releasing albums every few years.

The latest debate revolves around the popular The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, after veteran musician Neil Young removed his catalog from Spotify after the streaming service allowed Rogan’s podcast to spread “anti-vaccine lies” on its platform. The debate has also been sparked by the service’s updated rules, which ban “sexually explicit content” and “content that encourages the sale of drugs”, among other things, in the future.

Now the lead singer of metal legends Judas Priest, Rob Halford, comments on the streaming giant’s recent Joe Rogan controversy in a recent Billboard interview. In the interview, Halford says he wants to keep music and politics separate.

“I applaud Neil Young for standing up for what he believes in so strongly. think each of us are dealing with the circumstances of this drama as we see fit. I don’t believe in sending out misinformation or disinformation about something that has taken so many lives when the scientific facts speak for themselves. Everybody has an opinion — did [Young] do the right thing? Did he do the wrong thing? You know what? Your opinion doesn’t matter. He did the right thing for him.”