Joey Belladonna wonders whether Anthrax should be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame or not

Author Samuel Järvinen - 12.10.2021

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has come in for a lot of criticism over the years. Many metal music and rock fans are disappointed with the institution’s decisions on who should be included in the rock music museum.

Many well-known and notable bands are still outside the Hall Of Fame, and many of the bands that have made it in have garnered negative feedback from the public.

Now, thrash veterans Anthrax’s lead singer Joey Belladonna ponders the question of whether his band belongs in the Hall of Fame. Belladonna was asked in a recent interview with

Belladonna says:

“I’ve never had a discussion with anybody about it. I don’t think anybody’s even been… Maybe on their own time, they might have talked to someone or they had a discussion. I’ve never had any. Once in a while, I might have said to somebody, ‘You wonder if, by the time your time is up, are you gonna get in?’ And at the same time, what is the Hall Of Fame now? Sometimes I don’t know… Like when they pick stuff, sometimes you’ve got the Four Tops in there or an R&B band; there’s all kinds of different genres [in there].

“It’s, like, ‘Who’s next?’ And there’s a lot of bands that we both can name that should be in there but are not. Who is worthy of it? That kind of stuff. I hate even thinking about that stuff. I mean, hell, Rushjust got in there not too long ago. I wouldn’t even wanna put myself in that position to even compare anything.”

“We’ve done some cool stuff. If we were to get in, by any chance, I think there’s a nice story there. There’s some cool stuff there.”