Credit: Agata Nigrovskaya

 Joe Lynn Turner releases new lyric video “Black Sun”

Author Flavia Andrade - 30.9.2022

Joe Lynn Turner, legendary singer of bands like Rainbow and Deep Purple, will drop his upcoming album “Belly Of The Beast” on October 28, via Music Theories Recordings / Mascot Label Group. In anticipation, he released a lyric video for the album’s second single, “Black Sun“.

Turner states:

“Confucius shared, ‘Signs and symbols rule The World, not words nor laws.’ The Black Sun is an esoteric, occult symbol used by the secret Elite Brotherhood called the Illuminati.  It is a symbol of power, energy, and dominance. Those of us who are familiar with the concept can better understand how the Beast System operates. The agenda is to create a system of global government imposed on the world population known as the New World Order or recently named The Great Reset. The agenda is once again activated to complete this imposed ideology. The Black Sun is on the rise…”

Turner has once again collaborated with Wayne Joyner, who created the accompanying visual for the lead reveal “Belly Of The Beast”. When asked about his collaboration with Joyner, Turner offers:

“Our collaboration on the ‘Belly of the Beast’ lyric video was an indelible experience. Wayne completely understands what the vision and purpose of such a medium must communicate to the audience. His professionalism is of the highest caliber and his easy-going personality makes it a pleasure to share ideas. He then sets these ideas into a form creating a visual experience for the musical identity of the song that otherwise would have been lost in audio format only. Wayne makes you hear it, see it and connect to it on a multitude of levels.”

Similar sentiments are shared when asked about Russian photographer Agata Nigrovskaya, who captured the portraits presenting his natural likeness timed to the reveal about his life-long condition of alopecia. He states:

“Agatha is a very intuitive spirit. She connects with the artist on a deep emotional level and achieves an almost transcendent outcome in her photography. The communication between her and I was unspoken, but understood. Through her sophisticated, raw and fearless approach, she is able to bring the deeper emotions and potential out of her subject. I am so appreciative to have these two creative forces collaborating with me in supporting the upcoming ‘Belly Of The Beast’ album release.” 

You can watch the video below: