Job For A Cowboy release music video for “The Forever Rot”

Author Flavia Andrade - 1.11.2023

Job For A Cowboy have debuted a music video for their latest single, “The Forever Rot“. The band’s new album will be out on February 23, and is called “Moon Healer“. This upcoming effort expands upon the concept of their previous album, “Sun Eater“.

Bassist Nick Schendzielos and vocalist Jonny Davy were co-directors of the new video, with K. Hunter Lamar. 

Schendzielos spoke of the process:

Jonny and I delved extensively over the past few years into the conceptual aspects of ‘Moon Healer‘, and there was naturally a wide array of visual imagery invoked by the subject matter. We really wanted to bring the experiences of the character in “Sun Eater/Moon Healer” to life.

The thematic elements represented are uniquely interesting to me so I was quite enthused to be able to take on the videos for ‘The Agony Seeping Storm‘, and now, ‘The Forever Rot‘. I’ve been pretty extensively diving into video production over the last few years with director Kyle Lamar from Digital Myle on other projects, so there’s a synergy that’s there with us already.

His camera work is incredible and he’s got such a great grasp on every element of the process. Jonny, Kyle, and I really gelled (ha) together, and I think it shows in the final product. Extracting the raw, authentic elements of the song’s narrative, melody, and emotion, and translating them into a visual composition has been vastly artistically fulfilling and I look forward to creating more…from brainstorming, to filming, all the way through editing, it’s such a fun process to see our ideas come to fruition. It’s quite the ride…we hope you enjoy the trip!

You can watch the new video below: