James LaBrie (Dream Theater) shares new solo track “Give & Take”

Author Jad - 14.4.2022

Dream Theater’s James LaBrie is gearing up for his fourth solo full-length effort, “Beautiful Shade of Grey”, out May 20th via Inside Out. Yesterday (13th April 2022) the singer has shared a video for the second single, “Give & Take”.

This track is a take on the coercive manipulation between the corporate elite and the proletariat class. An atmospheric soundscape with beautiful feel and scope.

James LaBrie

Musically Give & Take is a nice balance of Dream Theater, Eden’s Curse and a even little Queensrÿche thrown in for good measure. The dark musical undertones allow James’ vocals to really shine whilst his lyrics take the listener on a journey through the classic tale of good versus evil.

Paul Logue

Watch the clip below and pre-order the album here

Track List:

01) “Devil In Drag”

02) “SuperNova Girl”

03) “Give And Take”

04) “Sunset Ruin”

05) “Hit Me Like A Brick”

06) “Wildflower”

07) “Conscience Calling”

08) “What I Missed”

09) “Am I Right”

10) “Ramble On”

11) “Devil In Drag” (Electric Version)