Photo: Terje Dokken

“It should be out anytime (solo project)”: Interview with Roy Khan

Author John Wins - 10.8.2022

Legendary singer Roy Khan from Norwegian prog/power band Conception has been busy since his official comeback to music in 2018, after 8 years since his departure from Kamelot. Since then, Roy has released an EP and a full-length album with Conception, and has been touring the world, slowly, as the planet recovers after two chaotic years.

Roy is known for masterpieces like “The Black Halo” and “Flow”. In the 90’s he worked on four albums with Conception, but at the end of the decade he joined the North-Americans of Kamelot to make history in the power metal scene, playing in the biggest metal festivals and leaving a big mark as one of the best singers and performers of the first decade of the 2000s.

In 2011 he officially left Kamelot and his public life, staying reclusive and away from anything related to what he used to live on the road as a Rockstar. Living with his family in Norway, the artist joined a local church and for years worked in the community, but things changed when his former bandmates invited him to come back with Conception. In 2018 the band announced a reunion and the release of new songs.

Since then, Roy has given a few interviews about what happened around the time he left music, what he’s been up to over the last decade, and what it’s like to be back.

Chaoszine made contact with the artist and had an online chat with Roy Khan where he talked about his comeback with Conception, some stories from his time with Kamelot, personal thoughts on his artistic side and the announcement of an upcoming solo project. You can check out the full video interview below: