“Inn Riki” — a new single by Nordic folk artists Gealdýr and A Tergo Lupi

Author Askar Ibragimov - 15.11.2023

A Dutch-based Nordic Folk project, Gealdýr (a project by singer and songwriter Jonathan Barendsma), and Italian dark folk band A Tergo Lupi collaborated on the new single called “Inn Riki”, out October 16, 2023. The release is accompanied by a simple yet beautiful music video that can be seen below. Through his beautiful, deep-sounding Nordic Folk compositions, Gealdýr is gradually becoming quite well-known to the worldwide audience interested in the genre. For instance, he got a solid 150K listeners per month on Spotify (almost a quarter of what Wardruna has) and has credits for the Netflix “Viking” series. 

We reached out to Gealdýr, and here’s his comment to Chaoszine about the track:

Our new song, “Inn Riki”, means the Mighty One in Old Norse. The lyrics itself are based around Ragnarök but mainly focus on The Allfather Odin. I was trying to figure out something original for Odin. When I saw this text (from Völuspá, Poetic Edda), that the Mighty One was coming from above during the offense of Ragnarök, it’s very, very powerful lyrics. I thought that it could be turned into lyrics for a song. I really wanted to focus specifically on Odin during the events of Ragnarök.

I just want to create music that can help people and heal people. When we look at music in the Western world, general music, what you hear on the radio, doesn’t always have a lot of depth. For me, music is really like medicine, and the music I listen to, I see it as medicine to heal my body and soul. And that’s what I want to create as well.

https://www.gealdyr.com/ | YouTube | Spotify

https://atergolupi.bandcamp.com/ | YouTube | Spotify