Ibaraki: Matt Heafy (Trivium) releases new track “Rōnin” featuring Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance)

Author Jad - 25.3.2022

Trivium frontman Matt Heafy has just released a brand new track entitled “Rōnin” from his Ibaraki project. To the nostalgia of many, this track features My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way as well. Ibaraki features production and input from Emperor‘s Ihsahn. A release date for May 6, 2022 has been set for Ibaraki‘s debut album “Rashomon”, which draws inspiration from the mythical aspects of Matt Heafy‘s Japanese heritage.

In addition to Gerard Way, the album also finds Behemoth vocalist/guitarist Nergal guesting on previously released track “Akumu“, while Ihsahn appears on “Susanoo No Mikoto“.

Check out “Rōnin” below: