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”I feel like this is a new beginning for Before The Dawn” – Exclusive interview with Tuomas Saukkonen

Author Arto Mäenpää - 7.9.2022

Combining the heaviness of melodic death metal, the gloom of dark metal and the frostbitten cold of Finnish winters with beautiful melodies and epic hymnody like no other band out there, Before the Dawn have paved their way to uniqueness. Founded in 1999 by death and gothic doom metal icon Tuomas Saukkonen, Before the Dawn became Finland’s ultimate flagship of melodic death metal. Laid to rest in January 2013 by Tuomas Saukkonen, to fully focus on Wolfheart, in 2021 Before the Dawn returned with the brand new single “Final Storm“, which was the band’s first sign of life after nine long years of silence. But not only their new single, but also the re-release of their timeless masterpiece “Deadlight” raised the hopes of fans and critics for more.

Now and here, another year later, hope becomes reality and with “Downhearted” the band releases their brand new single, a song that once again offers everything that Before the Dawn is about: A track full of memorability, ambition and top-notch musicianship!

But as if that wasn’t enough good news, “Downhearted” is not just an ordinary single release, as this track comes with a much bigger news that will most likely make every fan’s heart beat faster: Ten years after the release of their latest album “Rise of the Phoenix”, Before The Dawn are back in the studio to record their new album, due for release in 2023!

The band also announced very big news along with the new single by announcing Voice Of Finland finalist Paavo Laapotti as their new vocalist and former vocalist Tuomas Saukkonen taking the position as band’s drummer.

Chaoszine sat down with Saukkonen on August 31st at Holiday Inn hotel in Helsinki, Finland and discussed more in detail what made him ask Paavo Laapotti to join as the band’s new vocalist and what made him do the decision to move himself behind the drumkit for the future shows. You can watch the entire interview below:

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You can listen to Before The Dawn‘s new single “Downhearted” below: