“I don’t see ourselves making a reggie album, but I don’t wanna say never, ’cause you don’t wanna limit yourself” – interview with Pi Stoffers from Lord Of The Lost

Author Julia Suloinen - 8.2.2023

Lord Of The Lost established themselves as vivid and brave ground-breakers quite long ago, and their ability to find new ways to surprise and stun fans, while shocking(and mocking) narrow-minded critics causes nothing but admiration.

Chaoszine had a great chat with Lord Of The Lost guitarist Pi Stoffers and discussed what’s behind the suddenness of the release of their brand new album “Blood and Glitter”, as well as talked about 80`s culture, creative limits and antagonism as the essential part of Lord Of The Lost image and music.

Check out the interview below:

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You can check out Lord Of The Lost‘s latest “Blood & Glitter” album below: