Photo credit: John McMurtrie

“I can’t sing if you’re gonna smoke, all right?” – Bruce Dickinson scolds fans who smoke during his live shows

Author Benedetta Baldin - 29.4.2024

Legendary vocalist Bruce Dickinson, known for his powerful and commanding stage presence, has recently taken a bold stance against smoking at his concerts. With a career spanning decades and a reputation for electrifying performances, Dickinson has garnered attention not only for his music but also for his outspoken advocacy on health issues. During his show at the Opera Hall in Brasilia, the legendary frontman of Iron Maiden has been vocal about his disdain for smoking in the audience, sparking a discussion about concert etiquette and the responsibility of both artists and fans in promoting healthier environments at live shows.

I can’t fucking breathe. Tanya can’t breathe. You with the fucking vape over there. Yeah, it’s not you, but, please, fucking do that outside, all right? You know, if you can’t stay for five minutes without having a fucking addiction. I do apologize for coughing. Some of you fuckers are smoking,” Dickinson continued. “I can’t sing if you’re gonna smoke, all right? Tanya’s coughing her guts out, I’m coughing. My fucking wife is going, ‘Blargh,’ in the back there, all right? It’s kind of disgusting, all right? But if you wanna be disgusting, do it outside, all right? Not in here. My throat’s got work to do. You pay good money to hear me fucking sing, not go, ‘Blargh, blargh.

As it turns out, the Brazilian promoter MCA Concerts has revealed that the episode was due to a fan’s vape exploding unintentionally. They additionally clarified that the pepper spray was not deployed during the concert, contrary to Dickinson‘s previous suggestion.

This incident marks not the initial occasion where the vocalist has reprimanded his fans. At Iron Maiden‘s 2022 performance in Athens, Greece, Dickinson referred to a fan as a “Greek cunt” and a “fucking cocksucker” for igniting a flare amidst the audience.