Here is a video tour of Gene Simmons’s Las Vegas mansion

Author Jad - 12.1.2022

Real estate broker Ryan Serhant has shared a 17-minute video tour of Gene Simmons’s nearly 11,000-square-foot estate in Henderson, Nevada’s Ascaya luxury community which is currently on the market for $13.5 million. Check it out below:

After the Kiss bassist/vocalist bought the property and an adjacent half-acre lot for $10.8 million in May 2021, he planted 137 trees on the parcel. Five months after buying the Southern Nevada estate, he put it on the market in October for $14.95 million, but that price was slashed by $1.5 million on November 17. Among the improvements Simmons made to the Las Vegas house is installing all new floors and ripping up wall-to-wall carpeting in some of the rooms.

First I bought it because Mr. Biden [U.S. president Joe Biden] and Mr. Newsom [California governor Gavin Newsom] are looking to raise taxes to the point where if I work really hard to earn a legal dollar, I may get to keep 35 cents. So, California has become untenable. So I’d rather leave the money to my family and to charity and so on, so I wanted to move to Las Vegas. No income tax, no state tax, no local tax, no inheritance tax, beautiful place, great. Except for one thing — my family doesn’t wanna go there. They’re not gonna put up with the heat, and down the street, there’s strippers and stuff like that. They don’t wanna deal with any of that.”

I bought [the house] for 8.6 [million], then I bought the property next door for 2.4 [million] and planted 137 trees. So, guys, I can this for 25 or 30 million, but I’m blessed. I’d like to meet the person that’s gonna wind up buying the place because I don’t wanna just hand it over to some knucklehead. I want you to enjoy it and have a good life.

Gene Simmons speaking to TMZ about his decision to sell the home only five months after buying it.