Heavy metal veterans Anvil will release their new album “Impact Is Imminent” in May

Author Samuel Järvinen - 23.2.2022

Canadian long-running heavy metal band Anvil will release their 19th studio album in a row this spring. T

The album is called “Impact Is Imminent” and will be released in May. A more specific release date will be announced at a later date.


01. Take A Lesson

02. Ghost Shadow

03. Another Gun Fight

04. Fire Rain

05. Teabag

06. Don´t Look Back

07. Someone To Hate

08. Bad Side Of Town

09. Wizard´s Wand

10. Lockdown

11. Explosive Energy

12. The Rabbit Hole

13. Shockwave

14. Gomez

Anvil’s previous album “Legal At Last” was released in 2020.