Halestorm’s tour bus caught fire – band and staff survived unscathed

Author Samuel Järvinen - 21.1.2022

US rock band Halestorm faced a terrifying situation in Worcester, Massachusetts last night when their tour bus suddenly caught fire.

The band and staff had luckily checked into the hotel a little earlier, but the fire resulted in the loss of the bus and the band’s personal belongings, which had been left inside the bus.

The band wrote on social media:

“Old Halestorm had a night for the books. We were all in our hotel rooms last night and we woke up to our bus burning down at 3AM. Fun fun.No one was hurt. The Worcester fire department got there and put the fire out. They were amazing. Our fearless security Steve pulled guitars and luggage out of the bay. We all lost some stuff, but it was just stuff. The investigator doesn’t know what started it, but it began in the bunk hall. What matters is that no one was hurt. The best part is that tonight, we will rock. Looking forward to playing some music and forgetting about things being on fire. See you tonight Worcester!”

Photos of the burnt bus can be seen below on drummer Arejay Hale’s Instagram post.