Grand Slam’s new album “Wheel Of Fortune” out on 7th June

Author Benedetta Baldin - 5.3.2024

Grand Slam co-founding member Laurence Archer, and frontman Mike Dyer, make it extraordinarily clear that theirs has been a true journey of destiny, one where early unions ended up leaving unfinished business on the table, and one which finally sees Grand Slam attending to said-business with the brand-new album “Wheel Of Fortune”. 

Their story is one of persistence and craft, ensuring that the best elements of Grand Slam’s history were absorbed and fused with the experiences and drive of relationships stretching decades.

However, do not make the mistake of thinking this is a band returning from a past: it’s a band fulfilling their present and future with willfulness and desire that permeate every song on “Wheel Of Fortune”, from Archer’s faultless, fearless fret-driven song architecture on ‘Spitfire’ to Dyer’s swagger and style on ‘There Goes My Heart’. There are moments such as ‘Come Together (In Harlem)’ where the moody strut of original co-founder Phil Lynott is unmistakable, yet the multi-layered steamy swing of ‘Pirate Song’ makes it very clear where Grand Slam are coming from.

I want everybody to see this as a new band… and anybody that hasn’t heard Grand Slam since 1984, I want them to see this as a fresh invigoration of the project moving into the modern times.” – Laurence Archer

Joined by Benjy Reid on drums and Rocky Newton on bass, some best-laid plans for the band’s rebirth were set for take-off until Covid-19 brought the world to a standstill (it is one of the main reasons “Hit The Ground “will also be enjoying a 2024 release alongside “Wheel Of Fortune”). However, the creative fire and will to propel Grand Slam got stronger still.

We have a direction that is in my heart. It’s a tribal place. This band is something very special; I’m slightly biased I know, but God, I’m really proud of that.” – Mike Dyer

“Wheel Of Fortune” is a testimony to both Archer’s songwriting architecture and Dyer’s powerful love of language: he wastes no time sinking his teeth into the storytelling aspect of the songs, from WWII fighter pilots to ethereal reflections on lost loved ones and near-death experiences, Dyer is a supreme storyteller.

The way I look at it is that from writing those songs with Phil in 1984 to now, my writing style and the way I write, haven’t really changed that much,” offers Archer. “I’m not a shredder, I prefer to write songs and build that way. So, there’s that timeless continuity in how I write, fusing with all the experiences we’ve had as people over the years.
I put the basis of the song together, I have a rough melody line, I might write the chorus line, and I give that to Mike who goes away and comes back with his thing: it’s not my thing, it’s his thing and it just works! His vocal tone – his ability – fits everything that I write.”

Out Now, ‘There Goes My Heart’ is the first single to be released from Grand Slam’s brand new studio album, “Wheel Of Fortune”.  

Laurence sent me ‘There Goes My Heart’, and with total respect to Laurence, I’m not a man of ‘hearts’ in that sense,” chuckles Dyer. “So instead of singing about the ex, I twisted on it. It sounds like your heart, but what you’re singing about is your E-Type Jag. We shot the video for that in Spain, and that very much has a twist in it too.”

Listen To/Watch ‘There Goes My Heart’ 

Video Directed, Produced and Edited by Paul M Green.

Wheel Of Fortune “will be released on digital and physical formats on June 7th. The album will be available in a variety of formats and pre-orders can be placed at this location

Grand Slam will also re-release their debut album “Hit The Ground”. Originally released in 2019, the record has been given a makeover. 

“I stopped playing for a while and started a film career,” recounts Archer of “Hit The Ground.”  “In 2018 I was working on location in Guadalupe, and I arrived at the decision to record the Grand Slam songs properly, because essentially, what has been out there has not really been representative of what we did back then. Phil and I had done some work in progress demos in his back yard studio, and unfortunately, someone stole them and released them. So, it’s always been a goal of mine to re-visit those songs and do them properly, and I had been thinking about showcasing them fittingly for over 30 years, instead of hearing these horrible demos that people put out.”

Re-mixed, re-mastered and featuring new Artwork, “Hit The Ground – Revised”, will be released on May 10th on digital formats and June 7th on physical formats. Pre-orders can be placed at this location

With Grand Slam having just completed videos for the new album in Spain, a series of dates being planned as you read, and an overall joy at everything going on in their world, Grand Slam will be here whether you are or not, because this not a band rumbling in from their past, it’s a band firing forward into their future.

We have a strong bond in our writing and our perception of what we want to do,” concludes Archer, “so make no mistake, Grand Slam has only just started.”

“Wheel Of Fortune” Track Listing:

  1. There Goes My Heart
  2. Starcrossed Lovers 
  3. Come Together (In Harlem)
  4. Trail Of Tears
  5. Feeling Is Strong (Jo’s Song)
  6. Spitfire
  7. I Wanna Know!
  8. Pirate Song
  9. Afterlife
  10. Wheel Of Fortune

“Hit The Ground – Revised” Track Listing:

  1. Gone Are The Days
  2. Nineteen
  3. Hit The Ground
  4. Military Man
  5. Crazy
  6. Dedication
  7. Long Road
  8. Sisters Of Mercy
  9. Crime Rate
  10. Grand Slam*

*not available on vinyl

Mike Dyer – vocals
Laurence Archer – guitars
Benjy Reid – drums
Rocky Newton – bass 

Wheel Of Fortune is Produced by Laurence Archer
Engineered by Pieter Rietkerk
Mixed by Laurence Archer
Mastered by Matt Wortham & Andy Pearce
Recorded at Chapel Studios; additional recording at Manamana Studios