Gojira have been working “on new stuff for a long time”

Author Flavia Andrade - 26.10.2023

Gojira have been working on what will eventually become their eighth studio album. Drummer Mario Duplantier talked about the band’s recent songwriting progress to El Expreso Del Rock.

Duplantier said:

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Advent calendar

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We’ve been at work on new stuff for a long time, actually. We have a lot, a lot, a lot of ideas. We have structures of new songs. But we are so picky that we really want to take this time to drop something very unique. And why not having more songs to record?

Instead of having 10 songs, maybe have like 15 songs; I don’t know. But we are working on it very hard. But it’s a bit early in the process to talk about the date of release and all that. But what I can tell is it’s on a good way. We are very proud of what we have right now.

You can check out the interview below: