Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IV to appear in Iron Maiden’s game Legacy Of The Beast

Author Samuel Järvinen - 14.10.2021

Metal legends Iron Maiden have collaborated with various metal bands in their Legacy Of The Beast game. Previous guests have included Amon Amarth and Lacuna Coil.

Now it’s the turn of Swedish rock band Ghost, whose frontman Papa Emeritus IV will be seen as part of the game. The character will be seen as part of the in-game Mascarade Diabolique event. The event will run until 12 November.

According to the official press release:

“The game’s Mascarade Diabolique event is an ode to both bands’ lore taking its broad themes from the cover of Iron Maiden’s 2003 album “Dance of Death” and the video for Ghost’s 2018 song, ‘Dance Macabre,’. In this new storyline, Eddie and Papa Emeritus IV are both invited to a mysterious party in Transylvania (taken from the intro to A Dance Macabre & also surely a nod to the first Maiden instrumental track of the same name on their debut album!)

They soon discover that things are getting out of hand, even faster than usual, as a sinister force has mastered the power to mimic the un-bindable will of the sentient powers of free will and individuality, in an effort to bind them to its control. Together they must fight through the hordes of mind-controlled revelers to confront the corrupted mimic, Cardinal Immortus, an evil clone of Papa Emeritus.”

Ghost’s singer Tobias Forge says: “I’m happy to see that my creature is being led into [Maiden’s] world. That is a cool thing, both very humbling and flattering.”