Genre-fluid masters are back – Lord of the Lost ‘Blood and Glitter’ album review

Author Vickky Lewis - 7.1.2023

Catchy lyrics, energetic riffs, groovy synths and smashing drums fills Lord Of The Lost’s new album ‘Blood and Glitter’. 

Lord Of The Lost surprised the world when they dropped their latest album ’Blood and Glitter’ in the final hours of 2022. Ensuring 2022 ends with a banger. Opening with the album title track ‘Blood and Glitter’ we hear Chris Harms‘s deep vocals echoing the defining lyrics:

‘Blood and glitter
Sweet and bitter
We’re so happy we could die’

A hold your breath moment before we blast through the doors of the 80’s influenced album. Even getting a scream moment which is rare as a majority clean vocalist. Highlighting the bright synths that brings a rush of joy. The catchy melody sticks in your heard and before you know it, you’re shouting each lyric. The opening track is a banger and what a way to open up the album which follows to ‘Leave Your Hate In The Comments.’ A track that will get the haters in a spin as it’s all about them. It’s time to crash those internet trolls for once and for all. The track is perfectly written to express their hatred for trolls. The drums created a computer typing rhythm mixed with screeching guitar and bass. When put all together it creates a rambling storm sound. 

A storm is brewing as Lord of The Lost made the perfect music video for ‘Leave Your Hate In The Comments’. The video is creative and sad, as we witness haters write hurtful comments. While across the top and bottom of the screen; real troll comments that Lord of The Lost have received appear. But how can someone hate Lord of The Lost? It makes no sense. 

Don’t worry the album doesn’t stay in a sad state forever, Its Lord Of The Lost after all. With their mix genres style, they all bring along some their friends from different genres to feature on the album. Marcus Bischoff from the German extreme metal band ‘Heaven Shell Burn’ features in the track ‘The Future Of A Past Life’. A more of a pure metal track with Marcus’s extreme screams in the chorus. The track has a build like no track on the album which gets unleashed in a explosive power to the metal breakdown.

Norwegian industrial metal vocalist Andy LaPlegua also features on the album in ‘Reset the Preset.’ A surprise on the album is German Violinist Ally Storch on the track ‘Save Our Souls’. The violin sits underneath the track echoing a mellow tone. That is present in the verses, while the chorus is punchy with longer vocal notes and powerful bass. Ally Storch carries the breakdown in the track where is the violin has an electronic tone, while still staying quite mellow. It’s a breath moment in the track but an awesome one. 

The album ends with a cover of Roxette’s iconic song ‘The Look’. On this cover it features German pop/dance singer Blümchen. performing the classic ‘She’s got the look’ lyric. The cover is a modern take with a heavier sound. The cover is a perfect closer to a glamours album that is filled with dark metal, sexy 80’s glam rock and pop elements. Even the album cover has ‘The Look’ which is striking and bold. It’s illustrates where we are heading what I would call the land of Metal Glam. Lord of the Lost know what they are doing and with their genre-fluid sound; they continue to evolve in a world of their own.