Gene Simmons reveals why he craves more money: “Money, for me, has become what champions in the Olympics do”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 26.10.2021

Gene Simmons, bassist of the legendary rock band KISS, recently told People why he’s always hungry for more money and always achieving more.

Simmons compares his lust for money to the Olympics:

“It is interesting. Money, for me, has become what champions in the Olympics do. They want to keep improving because they want the judges to hold up a higher number. That’s what it becomes when you don’t have enough food in your belly. You don’t think of it that way, because you just want to feed yourself. It’s a different thing. Once you have enough, a roof over your head and food in your belly and stuff, it’s how much better can I do this? How much more can I do this? More like a contest. It’s different.”

The question was put to Simmons about this recent art exhibition. Gene said that he does not make art for money because “he has money”. Instead, there is nothing but passion behind it.

“I just wanted to stay sane. I didn’t know you were supposed to have a style, and I didn’t do anything except try to keep my mind busy. So the art is more stream of consciousness.”

The band’s longtime manager Doc McGhee has said that KISS will play their final shows in 2022.

Gene Simmons recently made some comments about David Lee Roth which he then apologized for.