Gene Simmons on KISS avatars: “They’re spending 200 million to take it to the next level”

Author Flavia Andrade - 18.12.2023

Gene Simmons stated that “about 200 million” dollars are being invested into the KISS avatars. With the technology originally developed for ABBA‘s “Voyage” show in London, the avatars will permit KISS to stay on tour, even as they retire.

Simmons spoke of the KISS avatars while meeting with fans at Electric Lady studios in New York City, following the band’s final concert at Madison Square Garden, which took place on December 02.

While signing his bass guitar for a fan, Gene asked him:

How did those avatars look when you first saw them? They’re gonna get better, that animated stuff.

The fan responded they look “absolutely amazing”.

Gene then continued:

There’s so much being planned, even beyond my comprehension. But they’re spending, oh, about 200 million [dollars] to take it to the next level.

You can watch the exchange below: