Gåte releases a music video for their Eurovision song “Ulveham”

Author Askar Ibragimov - 3.5.2024

Gåte’s music is a dark, mesmerizing, and stunningly beautiful take on Nordic folk. This year they were chosen to represent Norway in the Eurovision Song Contest which is going to happen in the next few days. In their music, they play with elements from traditional Norse and pagan music as well as from more modern genres such as rock and industrial.

As the Eurovision drew close, the promotion efforts of Gåte intensified. In a relatively short period between the winning national selection and the start of Eurovision rehearsals, the band created an eerie music video for the song. “In this ambitious video shoot, Gunnhild really got to play with the elements whilst incorporating the beautiful and wild Norwegian nature which is the bedrock of Gåte’s music.”, the label comments. In the music video, the story goes around a mixture of modern world and myth creatures, and turning into one. The setting resembles the imagery from the “Troll Hunters” movie where a car encounters a creature (a troll) on a road.

In addition, following a great demand from both new and older fans, Gåte has chosen to print a physical album that includes Ulveham, Gåte’s contribution to the ESC. The album, which is also called Ulveham, consist of Gåte’s latest songs from their release Vandrar, as well as three carefully chosen live favorites that have been especially well received by the Gåte audience this last year. You can listen to the album here: https://orcd.co/ulvehamalbum.

Gåte is to perform on 2nd semi-final of Eurovision 2024 on May 9.