Frédéric Leclercq, who played with Joey Jordison in Sinsaenum, says he knows Jordison’s cause of death: “That’s not my place to discuss”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 25.10.2021

The death of drum virtuoso Joey Jordison, who played in metal giants Slipknot from 1995-2013, was reported in the summer. The drumming talent died at the age of 46.

Jordison also played in bands such as Sinsaenum during his career. Frédéric Leclercq, also known as the bassist of Dragonforce, says in a recent interview with Impact that he knows the cause of Jordison’s death. However, Leclercq does not feel it is his place to go public about it.

“That’s not my place to discuss. Of course I know. I’m just saying it’s not my position. The family asked for privacy at that time, and I respect that. It’s just very sad.”

In the interview, Leclercq also describes his feelings about Jordison’s passing:

“To me, he was more than a musician. To me, he was first and foremost a friend. So I lost a friend that was only 46-years-old, and it hurts. He was an amazing musician, not only on drums but also he wrote amazing songs. And we were lucky enough to play together. It was great.

“I created Sinsaenum. He contacted me. We were looking for a drummer. Everything just fell into place. He came up with the name [a combination of the words ‘sin’ and ‘insane’). The last shows he played were with us; that’s the last thing that he played.

“I have a column in a Japanese magazine called Young Guitar, and I was doing yesterday, typing, and I just remembered the last song that he played ever was [Sinsaenum’s] ‘My Swan Song,’ and I guess the title is… And that’s a song that he really loved. I remember he was just, like, ‘Yeah.’ He felt something about it. So it’s a little strange to think about it now. So I’ve been listening to the song again and again.

“I’m still processing the fact that he’s gone.”

Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor also recently paid tribute to Jordison.

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