Mastodon’s Brann Dailor considers Joey Jordison one of the pillars of metal drumming

Author Samuel Järvinen - 20.10.2021

The metal world was shocked this summer by the news of the death of Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison. The drumming talent died at the age of 46. Jordison has since been remembered and honoured in a prominent way in the metal community with various tributes and coverversions.

In a recent interview with Knotfest, Brann Dailor, drummer for progressive metal band Mastodon, commented that he considered Jordison to be one of the pillars of drumming in metal music.

“He’s one of the pillars of metal drumming. He will always be that, you know. He’s up there with Vinnie [Paul] and [Dave] Lombardo and all those guys. It’s huge, his contribution. I mean there’s a whole genre of music that kind of sprung up around what Slipknot put forth. And he’s the heartbeat of it all – he was the driving force. The drums are really fucking loud on Slipknot records for a reason.”

“I bet he wants to be there and he can’t and so I’m like… I don’t know… there’s this feeling that I’m having when I’m playing that I want to do better and play better for him somehow. I don’t know. It’s kind of weird. But yeah, that’s how I feel about it. Because I really do. I just feel terrible that things ended up the way that they did. But then, you know, there was nothing anybody could do.”

Mastodon’s new album “Hushed And Grim” will be released on 29th of October.