Fred Durst hints at new Limp Bizkit album to be released on Halloween

Author Samuel Järvinen - 26.10.2021

Nu metal giants Limp Bizkit’s highly anticipated new album is fast approaching. A short while ago, the band’s frontman Fred Durst’s social media had the fans vote to whether the band will release a full album or a new single next.

Although the vote was overwhelmingly in favour of releasing the album, another vote was soon seen on the band’s social media. This time, rapper Snoop Dogg said that people could vote for the song number that would be released next.

Now, the band’s lead singer Fred Durst has shared a piece of the cover art for the band’s supposedly upcoming album on his Instagram account in the ‘stories’ section.

In addition, in one of his stories, Durst had announced a date of 31 October. This is very likely to be the release of the new album.

In his story, Durst wrote:

“Instead, all 🎃’s will drop on Halloween.”

This could be a reference to the fact that even though a vote was held on the release of a new song, it could be skipped altogether and the band would release an album.

In September, Limp Bizkit released their new song “Dad Vibes”.

The band’s previous album “Gold Cobra” was released in 2011.