Photo Credit: Erno Hankia

Former Stereo Junks! frontman Anzi Destruction: Solo EP and release show in Helsinki

Author Stefanie Nysand - 21.2.2024

Former Stereo Junks! frontman Anzi Destruction will release a solo EP on 15 March 2024, entitled “High On You”. On the same evening, a release show for the EP will take place at “Bar Loose” in Finland’s capital Helsinki. Advance ticket sales will begin shortly via The mandatory cloakroom fee of 3,50 € will be charged at the entrance.

The line-up of Anzi Destruction‘s live band may also be interesting for fans of the Finnish hard rockers Shiraz Lane, as none other than Ana Vilkkumaa is sitting behind the drums.

Just last month, Anzi Destruction released his current single “Good Ones Die First“. Since there was talk of an “upcoming album, scheduled for release in 2024” at the time, it remains to be seen whether “Good Ones Die First” will be featured on the EP. If you missed the latest single release, you can listen to “Good Ones Die First” below: