Credit: Erno Hankia

Finnish rock provocateur Anzi Destruction’s new EP “High On You” out now

Author Päivi Närvänen - 19.3.2024

Anzi Destruction’s music echoes the raw energy of the 70s, with shades of Sex Pistols and The Stooges, intertwined with the spirit of the 90s represented by Weiland and Treznor, all melded into today’s modern rock and metal. The result is primitive and big sound, “Modern dirt”, as Anzi describes himself.

The “High On You” EP was recorded through intensive collaboration between Helsinki and London. Among the musicians and guests featured are members from bands such as The 69 Eyes, Gus G, Pendragon, Esprit D’Air, Hybrid Children, St. Aurora, Shiraz Lane and Bodom After Midnight.

The title track “High On You” delves into the contemporary struggle of being present in the moment. It explores the pursuit of instant relief, satisfaction, intoxicating attention, and transient euphoria. Anzi describes it as one of the best songs he has ever written, with it’s gritty fuzz guitars and pop melodies intertwining seamlessly with heavy rhythms, resulting in an impactful rock anthem.

Among the other 4 songs on the EP, we can be highlight “Bully Dodger” and “Face of the Crow“. “Bully Dodger” draws inspiration from real-life character who swindled in the style of Netflix documentaries. The song blends elements of old-school punk and hard rock, with Anzi’s guitar work echoing a blend of Slash and Johnny Thunders, achieving a balance of precision and imperfection, thus creating something imperfectly perfect.

Credit: Erno Hankia

Face of the Crow“, which soared to the top spots on Spotify’s Finnish rock playlists, offers lyricism rich in symbolism, advocating for positive change and energy. The song showcases the heavier side of Anzi Destruction’s new material.

Anzi’s debut solo album, “High Clash Mothef***er (H.C.M.F)”, was released in 2011, followed by “Black Dog Bias” in 2015. He has performed live in Japan, UK and Finland. In the line-up there have been guest appearances from bands such as The Sisters of Mercy and Deathstars.

In 2020, Anzi released the single and video “Walk the Mine“, featuring the late Timo Kaltio, known as a composer for Guns N’ Roses.

Musical chameleon Anzi Destruction returned to Helsinki in 2020 after residing in London for 7 years. In 2023, he formed a new band, which has since performed gigs in Helsinki and had two club gigs in London in October 2023. Currently, the band is preparing the the upcoming album, which will be released later in 2024.

Listen “High On You” below:

Anzi Destruction Band Lineup:

Anzi Destruction – Vocals
Ana Vilkkumaa – Drums
Roxsy Lúnden – Bass, Backing Vocals
Joni Ketola – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jenny Berg – Synth

Music & Arrangement: Anzi Destruction
Lyrics: Anzi Destruction, Anzi Destruction / Christian Thibault (track 4)
Vocals & Guitars: Anzi Destruction
Guitars: Joni Ketola (track 1), Bazie (track 3)
Drums: Ana Vilkkumaa (track 1), Vincent Velazco (tracks 2-5)
Bass: Eemi Lamberg (track 1), OSCAR (track 2), Mitja ‘Middy’ Toivonen (tracks 3-5)
Piano: Jenny Berg (track 1), Anzi Destruction (track 2)
Backing Vocals: Roxsy Lúnden (track 1), Anzi Destruction (tracks 1-5), Minea Mattheiszen (track 1), Pete Leppänen (track 1), Jasse Salonen (tracks 2-5), Saranna Ehrnroot (tracks 2-5), Jyrki ‘Spider’ Hämäläinen (tracks 4,5)

Produced by Anzi Destruction
Recorded at Sonic Pump Studios Helsinki, Jan-Vincent Velasco Studios London, 24/7 Studios Helsinki.
Mixed by Lauri Hämäläinen at Sonic Pump Studios Helsinki
Mastering: Tommi ‘Master Fader’ Vainikainen (2-5), Lauri Hämäläinen (track 1)

Credit: Samuli Karala