Former Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno’s health raises worries after recent photo – crowdfunding launched

Author Samuel Järvinen - 27.9.2021

Paul Di’Anno, the original vocalist of the legendary metal band Iron Maiden, is in a worrying state of health, according to a recent photo uploaded on social media.

The London pub Cart & Horses shared a picture of Di’Anno on social media, sitting in a wheelchair with his legs swollen horribly. The worrying picture has attracted the attention of fans and a desire to help.

“Let’s all get together fans & friends of Di’Anno to support him in this long battle…this is his latest situation and is only getting worse the longer it goes”, the pub writes.

A crowdfunding campaign has also been launched in support of Di’Anno. The campaign aims to pay for a private knee operation, as the singer has been waiting 6-7 years for his important surgery. At the time of writing, the campaign has raised £2,320.

Iron Maiden’s live debut dates back to the Cart & Horses pub in 1976.