Floridaman played Deftones and System Of A Down songs on the guitar during brain surgery

Author Atte Itkonen - 22.1.2024

Floridaman, Christian Nolen played the guitar while doctors removed a tumor from his right frontal lobe. During the surgery at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, Nolen played various songs, including ones by Deftones and System Of A Down.

Nolen was kept conscious during the operation so that doctors could monitor his brain activity and protect critical areas of the brain. Nolen told to WSVN Miami:

“I had only really heard of procedures of that nature being done in shows and movies. I felt like it was such a unique experience that I couldn’t pass up – especially with my fine motor skills being on the line.”

Before Nolen was diagnosed with a brain tumor, he noticed his left hand not functioning well while playing the guitar. Fortunately, Nolen quickly got an appointment with a doctor, leading to the diagnosis of a brain tumor. Ten days after the diagnosis, Nolen underwent surgery.

The surgery was successful, and the tumor was removed flawlessly.