Finntroll postpone their show in Munich tonight, due to broken tour bus

Author Stefanie Nysand - 21.11.2022

It is not uncommon in these times for concerts and tours to be postponed or cancelled. Now, the Finns from Finntroll are forced to postpone their show in Munich (Germany) tonight, though it is not due to low ticket sales or the like. Their tour bus broke down:

“Last night at around 03am our bus broke down just outside Budapest. The bus company has been working together with our booking agent and tour manager throughout the night fixing us a new ride and trying to find a workaround. Despite their invaluable effort, unfortunately we are still stuck at Budapest surroundings. It has come to the point, that we are forced to re-work our routing and schedules and this means, that unfortunately we are forced to reschedule our show today in Munich. There is simply no way, that we could get to Munich on time. Luckily, we were able to find a compromise with the promoter and the awesome people at Backstage and fix a new date for Munich show!”– Finntroll

Tonight’s concert has been rescheduled for 12 December 2022, taking place at “Backstage (Werk)” in Munich.

“We are sorry for all the inconvenience all this might and will cause. We did absolutely everything possible but just couldn’t find a better solution. Of course the tickets remain valid and we are looking forward to see all you people at the show! Let’s make it a hell of a show when we finally reach Munich!!”– Finntroll