Photo credit: Nina Nyberg

Finnish atmospheric progressive metal band Alase released their second studio album “A Matter of Time”

Author Flavia Andrade - 14.4.2023

Finnish atmospheric progressive metal band Alase released their second studio album “A Matter of Time” on April 14 2023, via Finnish Inverse Records.

Listen to “A Matter of Time” here.

Guitarist Janne Lunnas comments:

The album “A Matter of Time” shows where Alase is heading towards musically. We are already working on new music and this album leads the way to our new paths.

Compared to our debut album “Vastaus”, “A Matter of Time” is more versatile and progressive. In a way, it is more mature but we also took more musical risks with its material. We even threw in a couple of tracks that go outside the genre of metal music but they still sound like Alase. Those songs also contain more electronic sounds which is a new thing for us.

Softer parts on the album are very soft but the heavier parts at their heaviest get really crushing and technical. When it comes to musicianship, this album contains the most demanding stuff that we have so far done.

Besides five previously unheard tracks, the album contains four tracks that were released as singles and music videos. Those songs represent the album pretty well but don’t tell the whole story. If you like the bands KatatoniaHakenVOLA and Sleep Token, this album might work for you!

CD version is available on Inverse Store

Track list:

1. Understanding the Waves
2. Clear Sky Is Not a Curse
3. Fate’s Intervention
4. Unburden
5. Life Ahead
6. The Source
7. Out of Place
8. Feeling Free
9. Ajan kysymys

Album cover by Ninni Swan & Teemu Liekkala 

Alase is:

Guitars: Janne Lunnas

Guitars: Mikko Häkälä

Bass: Ari Miettinen

Drums: Ville Aatsinki

Lyrics: Ninni Swan