Exhorder working on brand new tunes

Author Jad - 13.11.2021

Kyle Thomas, vocalist of New Orleans based thrash maniacs Exhorder, has told Heavy New York that Exhorder is planning to enter the studio shortly to start working on new music, a follow up to 2019’s studio album “Mourn the Southern Skies”.

We have been working very hard on new material since the [start of] the pandemic, We’ve been demoing songs, doing pre-production, preparing for when we finally do record the actual album. So, yes, new EXHORDER will be coming at some point.

Kyle Thomas, vocalist of Exhorder

Thomas also told The Dan Chan Show last February that he and his bandmates (guitarist Marzi Montazeri, bassist Jason Viebrooks and drummer Sasha Horn) had been “writing at home” and “piecing everything together” for the upcoming LP.

Mostly what I do for EXHORDER songs is I write parts, and then I submit them, and then they might get used here and there,” he said. “That’s how it always was done in the past. There are some parts of mine that made it on to the old albums. But most of what I write, when I’m writing, ends up being more like the FLOODGATE stuff. On occasion, when there’s something that I’ve written, they’ll use. I’m not that worried about it. I just want great songs handed to me so I can do what I do. My biggest part, outside of writing vocals and lyrics, is the arrangement — helping to piece the song into the format that it needs to be in,” he explained. “And just the overall production side of it, especially vocally, I like having input on — what part here, the intro should be this…

EXHORDER‘s always been a team effort; it’s never been one person writing all the music, one person writing all the vocals. It’s not like that at all. It’s always been a collaborative effort, and I think that’s what makes us so good at what we do — you get all those different flavors melding into one dish, and then it’s something special.

Kyle Thomas, vocalist of Exhorder

Thomas is the only founding member remaining in Exhorder, which mutually agreed to part ways with original guitarist Vinnie LaBella in February 2020.

At this point, I’ve jammed with so many people over the years — so many different lineups for this and that, fill-ins and all this stuff. To me, it doesn’t really matter as much who’s there, as long as the material that’s being played is being played within the spirit of that band in particular. And the stuff that we’re writing now, it’s amazing. I play it for a lot of people that are my confidants, people love the band, and they’re gonna shoot me straight. And the new stuff that we’re working on, everybody’s, like, ‘Wow. It sounds like EXHORDER to me.’

Kyle Thomas on being the only founding member left in Exhorder