Eldermoon releases new single, “Timor Incogniti”

Author Daniel Agapito - 8.7.2024

Brazilian metal band Eldermoon, recognized as a rising star in the modern metal scene in their country, have recently unveiled “Timor Incogniti,” the third and final single – along with a lyric video – from their highly anticipated debut album “Egregora,” set for release under the European label Sliptrick Records.

The album “Egregora” explores the concept of the moon attaining consciousness and embarking on a cosmic quest to discover its purpose. In “Timor Incogniti” (Latin for “Unknown Land”), a standout track on the album, humanity begins to fear the unexplained and ostracize those who challenge established beliefs. This narrative includes a relentless pursuit of the sisterhood of priestesses, who defy the imposition of fear and dogmas.

From their earlier independent EPs, Eldermoon showcased a distinct identity bridging classic and contemporary metal. With “Egregora” the band exhibits a remarkable evolution in maturity, quality, and creative potential, (being particularly evident in the title track and singles “Primal Chain” and “Timor Incogniti“) positioning themselves as a formidable force in the international metal scene. The current lineup features Alex Biembengut (vocals), Allan Estalk (guitar/backing vocals), Alan Sauglad (guitar), and Fabio Conelli (bass).

Timor Incogniti” was produced by Eldermoon in collaboration with Daniel Mazza, mixed and mastered by Tom Braga, featuring bass and guitar editing by Marcos Saraiva. Promotional photography credits go to Jean Arbaiter, while the dynamic lyric video was crafted by Hell Alliance under the animation and direction of Allan Estalk.