Brazilian band Eldermoon releases the song “Ascension” in anticipation of debut album by European record label

Author Daniel Agapito - 21.2.2024

After signing with the European record label, Sliptrick Records, for the worldwide release of their long-awaited debut full-length album, Brazilian band Eldermoon gave a taste of what’s to come with the single and lyric video for “Ascension“, a composition that, although it maintains the The band’s roots intact, elevates their performance and musical proposal to new levels of maturity, authenticity and ambition, corroborating their recent achievement on European soil.

Combining the weight and aggressiveness of extreme metal with melodic passages full of feeling, Eldermoon bets on a bold but absolutely captivating sound, modern and full of personality, presenting something truly new and surprising for our scene.

Watch the Lyric Video for “Ascension” below:

Also listen to the single:

Ascension” addresses the idea that the human mind is connected to the universe and can reach places we can never fully understand, and upon reaching a new level in its existence, it merges into a higher dimension, where we can free ourselves from constructs like dreams , fears, hopes and pain.

This song was composed with the aim of reaching new audiences and preparing the ground for our great first album to come, which will be released worldwide on Sliptrick Records“, highlighted guitarist Allan Estalk.