Disturbed’s David Draiman joined the popular dating app Tinder to find a new partner for himself

Author Hernan Osuna - 8.5.2023

David Draiman, lead singer of US metal band Disturbed, confirmed to Metal Hammer in April 2023 that he had separated from his long-term wife Lena Draiman. After 11 years of marriage, the rocker has now started looking for new love and joined the world’s most popular dating app Tinder.

Disturbed fan Rob M accidentally found Draiman’s profile on the dating app and naturally thought it was fake until he decided to ask Draiman about it via Twitter. Draiman has confirmed to Rob M that he has joined Tinder, while also saying that it’s not easy to find new love as a famous rocker.

Lol dude you see this?! I’m tagging you bc I believe it’s fake @davidmdraiman“, wrote the fan. Draiman quickly responded: “Not fake lol. It’s me“. This prompted the fan to write, “My bad bro for assuming“, to which Draiman replied: “All good. You’d be surprised. It’s hard for a guy like me to meet the right woman. I’ll tell you, it’s been weird so far. Lots of scammers. Trying to figure out how to navigate this new terrain.

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