Disturbed sets off sprinklers with pyro, gets drenched on stage during Houston concert

Author Arto Mäenpää - 31.7.2023

Disturbed, a world-renowned band since 2000 for their hit song “Down with the Sickness“, has maintained a loyal fanbase for years, all owing to their incredible live shows. The group incorporates its signature striking light displays and pyrotechnics to provide blasting performances. However, the recent incident took fans by surprise when an unexpected water effect came into view during their recent concert in Houston. 

At a Thursday Night concert by the renowned rock band Disturbed, things got a tad bit too hot when a pyrotechnics display at the wrap of the show triggered the venue’s emergency sprinkler system drenching the group members while they tried to complete their final song, ‘Inside the Fire.’ Ironic, Isn’t it?

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The fans were confused and entertained all the same, as we can see from a large number of posts and videos circling around on social media. If you are here for the scoop, drop your best payout online casino Australia for later review and delve into what happened afterward. 

To the admiration of everyone present at the concert, Disturbed didn’t miss a single beat even after the unexpected downpour and sang the song’s final notes with enthusiasm and the same energy that had fans swooning. 

After wrapping up the last song, frontman David Draiman called for loud applause for each of the members before throwing the hilarious remark that made fans burst out loud. His,’ Make some noise for the fucking sprinkler system’ managed to garner another round of cheers from the whole crowd. 

After the show, Draiman took to social platforms to share the post about the incident to simultaneously make things lighthearted and hot. ‘Well, last night in Houston was a first,’ the rockstar remarked.’Our pyro set off the fire suppression system onstage at the end of the set for a surprise rain shower onstage, lol.’ Draiman laughed off the incident with,’ lol’ and ‘good times’ addition 

In a separate social media post, Dan Donegan, the guitarist of Disturbed, shared his thoughts, typing, “Houston, We have a problem! Ok, this was another first in our career! We fired off so much pyro during our encore that it set off the sprinkler system and rained down buckets on us for the entire end of the show. This certainly goes down as one of the most memorable shows for sure. Plus destroyed my in-ears and probably other gear. What a night!”

During an interview with Rock 100.5, the KATT radio station, back in 2016, David discussed their band’s explosive stage performances. He stated amusingly,” We blow it up pretty good, that’s for certain. We go through a lot of accelerates up there. It gets hot! But we love it. We live for it, and the fans seem to be responding to our pyrotechnics with a lot of thrill, so we’re excited to bring it to them.”

He also added that the most challenging part of using pyrotechnics is the lack of oxygen owing to all the burning, so they really have to watch their breathing technique. He stated,” I need to ensure I know where I’m taking my breaths, and it’s not just for the sake of music, but also for the pyro hits too, so yeah, it’s more challenging for sure.”

Final Thoughts

Pyrotechnics incorporated by Disturbed bring out the best of their concerts and leave everyone hanging on the edge of anticipation until the show is over. I remember forgetting my real money online pokies game, too entranced by the incredible fire show on the big screen. 

Although the flames brought up an unexpected rain shower over the band members, it was all in good light, and no damage was inflicted, except for the gear, as Dan reminded us (laughs). The memory will stay with the band and fans all the same.