Discover the story of Pretty Runaway, a horse that headbangs to Slipknot and Pantera

Author Benedetta Baldin - 22.5.2024

No, Chaoszine is not suddenly changing into a website for jokes and comedy. This is actually the news of a horse who loves heavy metal in Canada! Get to know Pretty Runaway, a 7 y.o. racehorse based at Bogar Farms, a stable in Lindsay, Ontario, who developed quite a following after featuring on The National, the flagship show of Canadian broadcaster CBC. Check out the video by clicking here.

We’ve had a super great reaction to bands like Slipknot, Pantera and even some Ozzy Osbourne, like super-heavy bass, lots of guitar, lots of rhythm. She will literally headbang to the music. She’s on beat almost every time. We picked a common modern country song versus a pretty well-known Pantera song and we did a test to see which one she’d like better. We played the country song and she physically turned her butt to me and didn’t have a care in the world, ate her hay. We carried on and played some Pantera, she turned right around, instant headbang. We stop the music, she stops. We turn the metal back on, headbang. Autumn Purdy

According to her groom, Slipknot are the metal mare’s favourite band, although she appears to be less keen on Rage Against The Machine. It might be shocking, but this isn’t the first time a horse has had a flair for heavy metal. In 2016, another one went viral after footage of it enjoying Pantera’s 1994 international hit “I’m Broken“. 

We don’t know yet if Pretty Runaway’s love of metal has impacted her performance. In her last race (September 2923), she finished third in the 19:43 at Ajax Downs in Ontario.