David Ellefson had asked Megadeth not to re-record his bass tracks for the band’s new album: “They Did What They Did”

Author Samuel Järvinen - 2.11.2021

David Ellefson, long-time bass player in Megadeth, was fired from the band in May over grooming allegations. However, the girl with whom Ellefson had conversations and sexual video calls turned out to be of legal age. Nevertheless, the firing from the band was upheld, and Ellefson formed a new band, The Lucid.

In July, Dave Mustaine revealed that Ellefson’s bass tracks had already been re-recorded for an upcoming album. Ellefson himself says in a recent interview with The Metal Voice that he would not have wanted his bass parts to be re-recorded.

“They did what they did. I don’t think they had to do that. I asked them not to. But they did what they did. It’s the path they chose”, Ellefson said.

However, Ellefson said a while ago that he is on good terms with his former band.