Dark Tranquillity’s Mikael Stanne to Chaoszine: “We have a lot of ideas for the next album already”

Author Richard Thompson - 10.3.2022

Swedish melodic death metallers Dark Tranquillity is currently on a North American tour with Nailed For Obscurity and Kataklysm. The tour marks the first proper tour the band has done after parting ways with drummer Anders Jivarp and bassist Anders Iwers. Jivarp was an original member of Dark Tranquillity, having played on all of the band’s releases to date. Iwers joined Dark Tranquillity in 2016 and played on the group’s last two albums, 2016’s Atoma and 2020’s Moment.

The band played a show at The Masquarade in Atlanta, Georgia on March 3rd and we sat down with the band’s frontman Mikael Stanne to discuss about the long history of Dark Tranquillity as well as what does the future hold for Stanne with Dark Tranquillity and his new band The Halo Effect. You can check out the full video interview below:

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Dark Tranquillity‘s setlist at The Masquerade show on March 3rd was as follows:

  1. Phantom Days
  2. Transient
  3. Focus Shift
  4. Monochromatic Stains
  5. Forward Momentum
  6. Terminus (Where Death Is Most Alive)
  7. The Dark Unbroken
  8. Punish My Heaven
  9. Final Resistance
  10. Atoma
  11. The New Build
  12. Inside the Particle Storm
  13. Identical to None
  14. Encircled
  15. ThereIn
  16. The Treason Wall
  17. Lost to Apathy
  18. Misery’s Crown