Crest is releasing a new single with a lyric video “Onyx”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 21.3.2024

Last year the band found it’s lead singer Jessie Salmi and since then the band has been busy writing new material and the first taste of the new music was introduced last November when the first single “Stigma” came out. Now to be released second single “Onyx” takes the listener to more darker waters and showcases a more heavier and darker tone of the band. Onyx is released in cooperation with  Inverse Records
and it’s available on most streaming services: 

Onyx tells the story of a real life parasite that has affected me through my life, my relationships and various other situations. When this ‘parasite’ finally got a name in -23, I then saw my life completely in a different light. I decided I won’t let this parasite control me, I am going to control it.” -Jessica Salmi (Vocalist)

“First version of the song kind of wrote itself in one session. The demo was already recorded and the vocal arrangements were next in line, when i got an idea to change the structure completely. Now in the final version the chorus and the breakdown are playing a bigger role and this emphasizes the lyrical aspect of the song more. Now it feels like a journey that grips you from the beginning to the end.” -Tero Loponen (guitarist).

Jessica Salmi – Vocals
Juuso Javanainen – Guitars 
Tero Loponen – Guitars 
Eepi Karppinen – Drums 
Teemu Lehtonen – Bass