A very consistent EP by Crest – review of “Riptide”

Author Benedetta Baldin - 1.12.2022

The second EP of Finnish groove metal masters Crest was released this month, and it starts off with the already-released single “Aloha”. And what an incredible choice it was to publish this song as a single! It embodies in an outstanding way Crest’s style and it is an extremely sophisticated track. “Aloha to the rest”, and we’re soon welcomed to “Tiger Stripes”. 

This song would work even better than “Aloha” on live shows! It combines power, a solid structure and a captivating melody. “The Wave” follows the pattern of the first two tracks, but with an exquisite guitar riff that can be heard throughout the song. Mano Mannila, that alternates between clean and harsh vocals, is the cherry on top of this EP; he can blend with his voice many different emotions. 

Hempen Jig Jive”, even though not literally a folk dance, would be a great tune to mosh pit and just go crazy. It emits such energy, it’s impossible to stay still. While writing my review, sitting at my desk, I had to stand up and just move! The end comes already with “Slumberland”, and it confirms the general mood and structure of this EP. 

In conclusion, the band shows a definite step forward, delivering a solid release that is excellent for powerful live shows and festivals. Crest has the potential to push the limits of groove metal to the sky, and even more.