Chris Barnes stands by his disdain for the modern death metal scene

Author Jad - 5.2.2022

Just over a week since his controversial comments about the current state of the modern death metal scene, Six Feet Under vocalist Chris Barnes is sticking to his guns. Late last month Barnes vented on social media about a ‘death metal roundtable’ video put together by Knotfest, which saw Barnes’ Cannibal Corpse successor George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher appear alongside The Black Dahlia Murder‘s Trevor Strnad, Gatecreeper‘s Chase Mason and Undeath‘s Alex Jones.

As first voice on Cannibal Corpse‘s albums, Barnes’s contributions helped establish the genre early on in its formative years. After a turbulent week on social media that saw him ban numerous detractors (including members of a few high profile bands), shut down headlines attributed to a fake Facebook account impersonating him, and also sharing some of the praise sent his way by his fans, the Six Feet Under frontman had the following to say about his controversial opinion last night (February 4th):