Chino Moreno has started tracking vocals for the upcoming Deftones album

Author Arto Mäenpää - 10.5.2024

The tenth studio album from Deftones, the renowned alternative metal band, is nearing completion as they enter the final stages of the recording process. Chino Moreno, the band’s vocalist, recently provided an update on their progress during their performances at the ‘Coachella’ festival in Sacramento, CA.

In an interview with KROQ, Moreno disclosed that all the instrumental tracks for the album had already been recorded, with only his vocal parts left to be added. Following their ‘Coachella’ appearances, Moreno pledged to head to a studio in his hometown of Oregon to finalize the vocal recordings.

The initial recording sessions for the album took place earlier in the year in Nashville, TN, helmed by producer Nick Raskulinecz, known for his work with bands like Alice In Chains and Foo Fighters. Raskulinecz had previously collaborated with Deftones on their albums “Diamond Eyes” (2010) and “Koi No Yokan” (2012).

A recent social media post by David “Beno” Benviste, the CEO and founder of Velvet Hammer, the band’s management group, reveals that Moreno is currently in studio tracking vocals for the upcoming album. However, specific details about the album and its release date are still forthcoming.