Chaoszine caught up with Elize Ryd & Olof Mörck of Amaranthe to discuss how they crossed the Danish border one hour before it was closed and recorded the album “Manifest”

Author Annija Raga - 1.7.2021

When Covid-19 poured all over Europe, it had a strong effect on the music business and artists themselves – cancelled or rescheduled tours, concerts, album recordings, video shoots… But Elize Ryd and Olof Mörck of Amaranthe made it through: just when the Danish border was closing, the artists made a spontaneous decision to rush to Denmark to work on their sixth studio album “Manifest”.

“It was kind of a ‘win or lose’ situation, because it wasn’t recommended to cross the border before 12 o’ clock, so we weren’t actually sure if they will let us in. But, you know, the real question was – when the world is burning around you, do you STILL record your heavy metal album? And the answer is – hell yeah!”

Olof Mörck

“It’s funny, I have this little movie in my head – us changing from our regular clothes to superhero outfits, grabbing our stuff and heading to the airport. I had no doubts about going, I went with my first intuition, so I was already mentally in the studio.”

Elize Ryd

The result is as follows: Amaranthe‘s sixth studio album “Manifest” was written, recorded and released on October 2nd, 2020 via Nuclear Blast. Chaoszine had an exclusive chance to catch up with the artists while they were visiting Finland. In the interview Ryd and Mörck spoke about their journey to Denmark, shared details and interesting facts about the writing and recording process of the album, and also sent warm greetings to their Finnish fans. Watch the full interview here:

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